About Tatiana Skach

I invite You to a Delightful Journey of the Holistic approach to Health, Healing and Well-Being!!

You are Welcome Here!!

Tatiana is an experienced professional in the Holistic Healing and Massage Therapy Fields. She started her spiritual, holistic healing journey after overcoming a life threatening disease using a natural herbal remedies and alternative approach to heal Body-Mind-Spirit!!

In time, her Holistic Health approach has changed from a Hobby to a Profession!!

Being a heavy reader, interested in non-traditional medicine for all my adult life, I became proficient in helping myself with health’s issues. I shared natural approach to health with friends and relatives over the years, and even got a nick name – “Natural Tatiana” :-)

I thought about my interest just as a hobby, being passionate about it very much. I didn’t consider to turn this knowledge into a profession, but the life has its own twists. Year 2002 was a turning point in my life & carrier. Battling cancer, being laid off Tatiana’s career switched from QA Engineer into a Reiki practitioner.

It was a bumpy road with ups and downs – frustration, fear, confusion, depression, seeking for many business opportunities and all “this beautiful stuff” :-)

I see it now as Blessing. I learned how to live in a different way, discovered my talent and purpose, done a huge amount of studies in the alternative health field and became a Holistic practitioner. Personal development, self-growth, self-help are my favorite subjects to read, practice and share it with others.

My credentials, certifications, specialties and self-studies:

  • Emotional Code & Body Code Certified Practitioner – Wellness Unmasked Inc., Utah
  • Reiki Master – Walnut Creek, CA
  • Certified Massage Therapist, Health Educator – National Holistic Institute – Emeryville, CA
  • B.S. degree in dosimetry – Polytechnical University, Ukraine

Dosimetry is a discipline dedicated to measurements of the amount (dose), testing and evaluation of the effects of the electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic and different types of energy waves of different wave length, frequency and amplitude on living organisms.

Western & Eastern massage modalities such as – Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai and Acupressure-Meridians Points, Cross Fiber, and Tense/Relax Stretches, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic, Cupping, Magnetic Therapy, The Healing Code, Polarity Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Energy Medicine, Quantum Entrainment & Quantum Touch, Sedona Method, Release Technique, Quantum Consciousness, The Magic Power of Your Mind, Life Energy, Memory in the Cells, The New Human, Heart of the Mind, Getting through the Soul, Meditation, Consciousness detox , Mind Viruses, Laws of the Universe and more…

There is a saying  –  “Life is a School and we are here the Students”.

I believe that we arrived to the planet Earth to learn though our life experiences, to grow, evolve and expand in our awareness and consciousness.

After years of experience working with clients off line, my Soul’s quest led me to go out of my comfort zone and to reach out to people who are mind-opened and are willing to experience non-traditional approach to Health, Healing & Well-Being.

I confidently state that you are an incredibly powerful, energetic Human Being!!
This Power lies in every one of us, being in a dormant state, waiting for us to be discovered & unlocked.

Thank you for your time & attention!!

Be Well ~ Be Healthy ~ Keep Smiling




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